UFXMarkets -Daily Gold & Forex Trading News-21-March-2012

UFXMarkets -Daily Gold & Forex Trading News-21-March-2012

For more Forex news & info, please visit ufx.co The US Dollar strengthened against many of the high yielding currencies and commodities following rumors that China’s steel production is slowing. Wall Street closed negative as the S&P decreased by 0.30% and the Dow by 0.52%. Oil fell by 2.35% and closed at 6.38 a barrel.
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Kishore M of Powerup Capital being exposed in public. Reprimanded by MAS. See for yourself to believe. Please “LIKE” if you like the video!
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4 Responses to “UFXMarkets -Daily Gold & Forex Trading News-21-March-2012”

  1. DEAR ALL,

    All who have so far read and viewed this video, this what I feel so here goes!

    - I do NOT think that Kishore is a con man and if he appears to be a great salesman he very
    well is!
    - I have purchased this trading course and have nothing but praise about Kishore trading
    strategies as not only do I feel they are genuine, they also work in real live trading as well as
    I have been using them and making money!
    - Also, just take a look at his website which I think is cool

  2. - as per my previous post above, Kishore not only demonstrates his trading techniques in the
    actual trading course (when purchased) in the training videos but also uses a member of the
    audience to demonstrate these as well
    - Just because staff Raymond had some back luck losing approximately $15,000 does not
    mean that someone else for e.g. myself will have the same luck as well,
    perhaps Raymond did not time the trading and lost this amount of money as this does
    happen sometimes

  3. - cont from second post above, I do think that Kishore is the REAL DEAL and all these claims
    that have been made against Kishore are exaggerated and false lies made up just because
    few people may have had some bad experiences.
    - As with any trading system, you must have patience and give it time before you see results
    - As a distant learning student of Kishore I am happy to have purchases his trading product
    as it had been constantly making profits and few losses but overall V GOOD.

  4. Good video. I understand how you feel. When I just started trading, I bought the course and like a goondu I believed the claims. I think this helps for all the other newbie traders out there.