Pro Forex Robot VS. Fap Turbo Robot Insider Review You may be asking yourself which robot you should invest in. Well this video will outline some of the differencse between the robots since both of them work It’s important to have good information about PFR and Fap turbo so you can make a educated decision on which robot you want or play it safe and grab them both!

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  1. hi can you send me the setting ,

  2. 1. Hi Jevon are yous still trading now in 2012 or recently within the last month?
    2. If so, Which robots are you using now
    3. How much have you made with your robots recently?

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  5. myfreakingusername1 Reply December 16, 2012 at 12:08 am

    Does fap turbo make you fap faster

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  7. I see that this video was made more than 2 years ao. Do you still experience profits with Fap Turbo?

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  10. Dear Jevon,
    I would like to have more information on your posts.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  11. Hi Jevon,
    Can you please send me your email, or reply back to me. I would like to get some of your help please in the robots.
    Greatly apprecaite your help in advance.

  12. :Fap,Fap,Fap:

  13. @jqkfhwm
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  15. Sorry I have not used it.

  16. hey please send me the settings thx

  17. I just got FAP Turbo a couple days ago and would be interested in seeing your settings.

  18. @JevonFX2010 hey jevon i just brought fap turbo. could you please send me the settings. its

  19. Hey jevon i was wondering can you put like 50 or 100 dollars down to invest or do you have to do bigger amounts then that. like are they to small
    ? please reply

  20. i hear what you saying, but i would rather know what i know now about trading the forex, then to rely on a robot. the robot doesn’t build your instincts when trading i’m good oh where you from?

  21. Yea it’s been gone almost a couple years now

  22. is pro forex robot really not in the market anymore as if today 2012 cause i just found the original website

  23. Hi Jevon, thank you so much for sharing this. I saw ur comment saying that you dont use pro forex robot any longer. Im a newbie, I dont know much about trading but Im thinking of getting into trading and I would like to know if you know a good company that sells a good software that is user friendly.. it seems like youve been doing this for awhile now, what inspired you to trade? where did you start?