FOREX – How to Trade with AVA for PROFIT

FOREX - How to Trade with AVA for PROFIT Join The Most Profitable Online Trading Platform with AVA. http Be Profitable With Online Day Trading The only platform that allows you to trade Currencies, Stock Market, Commodities, Gold, Silver, Stock Indices, NASDAQ and much more. Successful Trading TIPS 1. Set a Stop Loss: Before entering any trade, decide beforehand the amount you are willing to lose and stick to it. Set a stop loss on the trade before you enter. As a result, the initial risk can be estimated, but not guaranteed. 2. Let your profits run: Do not be emotional about a trade — you will lose some and win some. Know the reason why you entered a trade and stick to those reasons. 3. Don’t be influenced: You have your own game plan stick to it. If you are influenced by others you will constantly be changing your mind 4. Keep your position sizes within your limitations: Successful traders know that in order to profit you trade for the long term. Trading is a game of probabilities, and over the long run as long as you stick and implement sound strategies and stay consistent — success is much more likely to come. 5. Know your risk vs. reward ratio: The minimum ratio you should be using is 2:1, so if you are successful on 50% of your trades you are doing well. For instance, if you are long GBP/USD and you want to earn 30 pips you should not risk more than 15 pips. You should never risk 30 pips in order to make 10 pips. If you do, you’ll make a lot more successful deals then unsuccessful
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In this live trade example we had a good reversal on the GBP/USD after 3 intra day cycles up, in addition to the other points of confluence. Generally smart money is going to end the day at an area of “supply” and this is exactly what happened on the 7th. More Bank Trading Strategies –
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