2012.09.23 Forex Correlation Chart Update

www.traderstouch.com – Learning to identify Forex currency correlations among the 6 major currency pairs is a powerful Forex trading strategy. Watch this video on how to setup your charts using the DX (Dollar Index Futures Chart) as the anchor for optimal technical analysis to analyze market trading environments. Discover A NEW way to learn and develop “real world” day trading skills that builds a core foundation that opens the path to trade 64 different markets. Imagine the ability to trade in all trading environments allowing you to scalp, swing and position trade. Eliminate the need for expensive software, training and ridiculous chart pattern memorization. Become the Total Trader with authentic trader education on the TLN ( Traders Learning Network). The Euro looks like it is at a key level of resistance while the Dollar looks like it is at a key level of support.


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